Best Overall Brand & Best Edible Brand

Thank you to everyone who voted in the 2016 Dope Industry Awards. We are truly gracious.

Lunchbox Alchemy Edibles

A Lunchbox Alchemy favorite, our Squibs are available in 100+ Oregon OMMP dispensaries.

Our Edibles

Edibles & Extracts


With a pungent terpene profile that relaxes the senses and provides the patient with a tranquil, medicinal effect, BHO sets the bar as a classic dabber’s delight.


Savor the flavor with Shrapnel. Our canna-confectioner infuses this sweet treat with a highly concentrated dose of food grade BHO before shattering the sugar glass into “Shrapnel”.


Made in Oregon

We use only the finest Oregon grown material for our medicinal goods.

Our Medicinals

Lunchbox Alchemy Soft Goods

Safety and compliance are huge priorities for us.

At every opportunity, we take strides to ensure we meet and/or exceed the rules set forth by the Medical Marijuana Dispensary Program by ensuring all of our packaged goods are properly labeled. In addition to highlighting the essential, required, elements set forth by the Oregon Medical Marijuana Dispensary Program on our product packaging, we apply additional disclaimers that enhance these rules for the benefit of patients. Our packaging allows for dispensaries to display and sell our goods with confidence.

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