Thank You

The ribbon’s been cut on our new facility and production begins at the end of April. Thank you to all of our dear supporters who made it to our launch party!


Looking for a last minute Valentine’s gift that is still creative? Look no further than our Shrapnel hard candy – a delicious compliment to all your baked goods.

Hello Friends

A message to our patients: We know THC Squibs have been hard to find. We are taking immediate actions to fill that void so we can continue to provide the quality medicine you rely on.

Dope Cup 2017: Our Favorite Party

Grab a friend and grab a costume and join us for the 2017 Oregon Dope Cup – Sunday, October 29th! We’ll be passing out CBD Squibs and revealing a fun surprise we think you’re really gonna love!

Lunchbox Brings Trokie to Oregon

Through an exclusive collaborative license agreement, we will be the first Oregon company to craft Trokie, a cannabis and CBD infused lozenge that, rather than being swallowed, is absorbed through mucus membranes when placed between the upper lip and gum (buccal absorption).