Why extracts?

Because extracts concentrate the wonderful compounds that tantilize your taste buds, envelop you with amazing aromatics and flood your body and mind with good vibrations, leaving out the junk. Light hydrocarbons such as N-Butane, Iso-Butane, and Propane are used for extracting these delicate botanical compounds within the cannabis flower. The FDA considers hydrocarbons to be Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) for human consumption. Being classified as an all-natural organic solvent, leaving no toxic residues, hydrocarbons have been used as a primary solvent in food and botanical extractions for over 50 years, and so it’s no great surprise that the technology has made its way into the cannabis industry as well. By isolating and concentrating these botanical oils and cannabinoids, extracts provide the user with a highly effective, incredibly flavorful and aromatic smoking/vaping experience rivaling that of dried and cured flower, but without the carcinogenic compounds generated by standard combustion of unprocessed plant material.




Why edibles?

For one thing, discretion. With edibles you don’t have to be Capt. Contact High, followed around by a billowing cloud of smoke like that dirty kid in ‘Peanuts.’ A few discreet nibbles will get you where you want to be. Plus, longevity. While smoking marijuana brings immediate results, edibles typically stay in the system for hours, providing sustained, long-lasting pain relief and pleasure. Many users also point to the harmful effect of smoke on the lungs as a reason to opt for edibles. Not to mention that Lunchbox Alchemy’s edibles are mouthwatering treats.

How much should I take?

This is a common question for us at Lunchbox Alchemy, and with good reason because there’s no precise answer. Appropriate amounts vary immensely from one person to the next. Weight, exercise, and, above all, an individual’s tolerance contribute to how an edible or extract will affect them. All of our product packaging is clearly labeled to inform consumers exactly how much THC they are consuming. But let’s talk a bit about recommended doses.

A daily user with high-tolerance may take 30 to 100 mg of THC a day – or even more – to combat severe pain or the effects of chronic illness. For a beginner, 10 mg might be a good starting point. Some people will find that suits them perfectly, others won’t feel it at all and will want more. But remember to always start small.


Tips for new users of Lunchbox edibles

Our powerfully potent products can make you feel like your brain just flew out of your butt if you’re not careful. Even if you’ve tried smoking marijuana in the past, eating edibles can make you feel like a pot virgin. So pay attention!

1. Start Slow

Remember, that coconut macaroon isn’t just a cookie; it’s a highly-calibrated delivery system with a purpose, so pump the brakes! Some edibles take up to 90 minutes to reach their full effect. Have a nibble, then see how it treats you before wolfing down the whole thing. That just means you’ll have more to enjoy later.


2. Don’t Lunchbox on an empty stomach

If you haven’t eaten anything beforehand, your edible will hit harder and faster. Which brings us to our next guideline…


3. Have some marijuana-free snacks close at hand

Anyone can tell you that using marijuana will give you the munchies. And what happens when the only munchies available have more marijuana in them? You end up in a munchie vortex, each edible compounding the effects of the ones before. Eventually you’ll probably end up eating your couch or favorite pet. Not really.


4. Don’t cross streams

No, not the ‘Ghostbusters’ proton pack energy streams, we’re talking about marijuana edibles and booze. That’s a quick ticket to Spin City. No, not the late-‘90s Michael J. Fox sitcom…

5. Don’t drive or operate heavy machinery

This should be obvious, right? Lunchbox products are here to get you to your happy place – that shouldn’t be out on the road where any impairment puts you and everyone else in danger. Speaking of…

6. Keep Lunchbox Alchemy products away from kids

Again, duh. But an alarming number of children have had adverse reactions to eating powerful edibles in recent years, so keep all products in safe places, out of the reach of kids and others who don’t know what they’re eating.

7. Stay cool

If you do happen to take more of a Lunchbox product than you feel comfortable with, don’t freak out. You’ll be fine. Drink some water, put on some soothing music (reggae or jazz work well) and lie down somewhere comfortable. Before you know it you’ll be waking up from a deep sleep.





Shrapnel was a lifesaver for me.  I was on over 150 mg of oxycodone daily, and I was able to detox off of that pain medication STRICTLY because of the hard candy Shrapnel. I have to hold Shrapnel, at the very least, partially responsible for my recovery from opiates. Along with the Shrapnel, I found Squibs to be amazing for breakthrough pain/restlessness.


Jeremy S.

OMMP Patient

What’s in your lunchbox?