Shrapnel 50
Squib 50

Shrapnel 50

UID# 1A4010300008B12000011370

Batch ID# G8J0381-09

Flavors: Blue Raspberry, Green Apple

THC: 5mg/serv.; 50mg/container
CBD: 0.00mg/serv.; 00mg/container
UID# 1A4010300008B12000011370
Tested by Green Leaf Labs on: 10/24/18
Test Batch: G8J0381-09
Made by Lunchbox Alchemy on 10/23/18
63028 Layton Ave, Bend, OR 97701

Total Cannabinoids

To obtain Total Cannabinoids in milligrams from Total % listed in the Full Cannabinoid Analysis, multiply the Cannabinoid % by 28 (one pack of Shrapnel 50 weighs 28g).

d9 THC



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