For those of you who love cannabis science as much as we do, we’ve provided the lab analysis of our recent extracts in the links below. To make things a touch easier, you can enter your extract’s strain name, lab date or the last four digits of the UID# (see diagram below) in the search field below.



Rude Boi


On Every Package

You will find details about the individual product including total cannabinoids, total terpenes, cultivar and flower source. Inside each package is a Quick Terp Chart representing the five most prevalent terpenes found in testing.

Shrapnel was a lifesaver for me. I have to hold Shrapnel, at the very least, partially responsible for my recovery from opiates.

-Jeremy S

I’m so obsessed with the squibs. They are so perfect in serving, and taste good. [They are] the only edible that has worked for me. Thank you so much for that.

-Heather P.

Lunchbox Alchemy is one of my favorites! I have an anxiety disorder that I use cannabis to treat, and LBA has a variety of products to meet my needs.

-Shreya R.