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Looking for a space to grow your passion for cannabis? At Lunchbox Alchemy, we are a bustling team of extractors, candy makers, accountants, creatives, packagers and grammers who share a devotion for this wonderful plant and its many uses. Lunchbox Alchemy careers will be posted in detail below, if available.

We currently have no openings. Please check back soon!

Shrapnel was a lifesaver for me. I have to hold Shrapnel, at the very least, partially responsible for my recovery from opiates.

-Jeremy S

I’m so obsessed with the squibs. They are so perfect in serving, and taste good. [They are] the only edible that has worked for me. Thank you so much for that.

-Heather P.

Lunchbox Alchemy is one of my favorites! I have an anxiety disorder that I use cannabis to treat, and LBA has a variety of products to meet my needs.

-Shreya R.