Trokie Debuts in Oregon

Trokie crafted by Lunchbox Alchemy

Trokie will be available in both THC and CBD varieties.

We’ve joined forces with Nevada based Trokie, to bring a unique cannabis experience to the Oregon market

Through an exclusive collaborative license agreement, we will be the first Oregon company to craft Trokie, a cannabis and CBD infused lozenge that, rather than being swallowed, is absorbed through mucus membranes when placed between the upper lip and gum (buccal absorption). This medically patented buccal delivery system, bypasses the digestive tract, resulting in the rapid release of cannabinoids directly into the bloodstream. Trokies are fast acting, taking effect within 5-30 minutes of consumption. Sugar free, gluten free, calorie free and vegan, Trokie’s effects are rapid, reliable and long lasting.

Trokie, already recognized as one of the most unique medicinal cannabis products in Nevada, California and Arizona, will be available to the Oregon market this fall in both CBD and THC versions. We’ve specifically crafted Trokies for easy consumption, allowing users to segment out their desired serving size from either a 50mg (recreational) or 100mg (medical) pack.

“Trokies have a great medical benefit and completely unique type of delivery system. Because it circumvents the GI tract, there is substantial reduction of secondary cannabinoid metabolites like 11-OH THC. This is an exciting collaboration between two leading scientifically innovative companies that will bring a high quality, specially crafted and much needed product to the market, as well as much needed relief to many sufferers.”
– Douglas “Burl” Bryson, CEO, Lunchbox Alchemy

Trokie will first  be available in a pure CBD, 100 mg bar with two bars per package. Each bar will be segmented into five squares, each square representing 10 mg. THC Trokie will be available in early 2018.

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