Our products

At Lunchbox Alchemy, we pride ourselves on consistently providing the most superior extracts, edibles and tinctures on the market using only the finest locally sourced cannabis and state of the art technology.


Quality source material.  Closed-loop system.  Fantastic variety.  Utilizing light hyrdrocarbon extraction, our alchemists proudly offer an ever changing line up of shatter, live resin, sugar wax, crumble and PHO.

Our Extracts


Not intended for recreational use, our HVET (High Viscosity Ethanol Tincture) is formulated strictly with medicinal applications in mind.  Analagous to Rick Simpson Oil or RSO, our HVET delivers a highly concentrated dose of cannabinoids thought  to destroy malevolent cells and provide a variety of health benefits.

Our Tinctures


Long lasting effects. Consistent potency. Delicious flavors. Three key ingredients in making Oregon’s best edibles. All of our snacks are hand crafted with food-grade BHO resulting in a truly tasty snack with the perfect amount of punch.

Our Edibles

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