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We are crafters of the new global cannabis culture.
Lunchbox Alchemy makes every effort to uphold the integrity of a consistent, quality cannabis experience by thoroughly researching all equipment, materials, and partners. Since opening doors in 2014, Lunchbox Alchemy has proudly accepted multiple awards recognizing achievements for our unique and identifiable brand presence and producing exceptional products. Our products can be found in dispensaries throughout Oregon and soon California.

In the News

Lunchbox Alchemy is arguably Oregon’s best-known Cannabis company, and for good reason. Launching the Squib in 2014, their edible became popular almost immediately…Aside from the Squib, however, Lunchbox has always maintained a small stock of quality-focused extracts for the market.

These gummy candies, hard candies and cookies are the same products that Lunchbox plans to start manufacturing next month when it opens an 11,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Santa Rosa, California, said Burl Bryson, Lunchbox Alchemy chief executive officer. The expansion to California, which started recreational cannabis sales in January, could position Lunchbox as a brand in a large, emerging market.

Their packaging is next level: biodegradable inks, recycled paper, and a clear window for product viewing, made from a compostable material. The THC, cannabinoid, and terpene content are clearly listed in equal-sized font on the front, a choice that will help educate and motivate consumers and patients to give equal weight to terpenes as they do THC.

A trophy for Best Sweet Edible, Medical, went to an outfit called Lunchbox Alchemy, for a grape-flavored squib. Wolf watched respectfully. “Their squib is tasty and ridiculously strong,” she said, as a young woman made an acceptance speech. “Thank you guys for loving the squib as much as we do,” one woman said. “We fuckin’ love you guys!”

Though the verdict is still out on the benefits of weed for runners, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence from pro-ganja athletes. Tyler Hurst, a writer, runner, and cannabis enthusiast in Portland, OR, has been using cannabis regularly for about five years. He typically ingests a Squib, a small, easily stashable edible, before long weekend runs.

Lunchbox’s squibs are a regular winner of edible awards in what is one of the more crowded fields of edible-dom. Plus, they have their own Instagram hashtag (#SquibSquad).

You can’t mention Portland marijuana without getting into the subject of extracts, and you definitely shouldn’t leave Lunchbox Alchemy out of a conversation on concentrates. Where purity and potency are concerned, this company continually pushes the envelope. With proprietary systems and medical-grade solvents, they distill and filter their product twice before it leaves their doors.

In Bend, the largest building permit issued to a marijuana business in the first quarter went to Lunchbox Alchemy, a maker of edible forms of cannabis, for $500,000 worth of construction on a new facility on Layton Avenue. The building has 9,000 square feet for intake, processing, production and shipping, along with an employee break area. Plans include a 3,000-square-foot mezzanine for office space.

Digital Press Kit

Looking for some dope imagery and more information on Lunchbox Alchemy? Download our digital media kit for product images, logo files and our company fact sheet. Need a little more? Go ahead and contact us – we’d love to hear from you and set you up with all the promotional materials necessary.


2017 Oregon Dope Cup

Best Tincture, Sublingual, Capsule or Spray: Trokie
Best Live Resin: Cascade Lemonade
Runner Up Best Live Resin: Lemon Piña x Monkey Train
Runner Up Best Wax: Hawaiian Dutch PHO
Runner Up Best Shatter: Green Ribbon

2017 Willamette Week Readers Poll

Runner Up Best Edible: Squib

2017 Oregon Dope Industry Awards

Best Branding & Marketing
Best Edible Brand

2016 Oregon Dope Cup

Best Shatter: Lime Apollo
3rd Place Best Shatter: Nilla Wafers
Runner Up Best Sweet Edible: Grape Squib
3rd Place Best Live Resin: Hawaiian Black Cherry Soda

2016 Oregon Dope Industry Awards

Best Edible Brand
Best Overall Brand

2015 Oregon Dope Cup

Best Savory Edible: Garlic n’ Herb Almonds

2015 Oregon Concentrate Challenge

2nd Place BHO: Headstone Shatter
2nd Place Live Resin: Golden Pineapple
3rd Place PHO: Blue City Diesel

Shrapnel was a lifesaver for me. I have to hold Shrapnel, at the very least, partially responsible for my recovery from opiates.

-Jeremy S

I’m so obsessed with the squibs. They are so perfect in serving, and taste good. [They are] the only edible that has worked for me. Thank you so much for that.

-Heather P.

Lunchbox Alchemy is one of my favorites! I have an anxiety disorder that I use cannabis to treat, and LBA has a variety of products to meet my needs.

-Shreya R.