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  •   TOTAL THC = (THCA x 0.877) + ∆9THC 16.11% 16.11%
  • TOTAL CBD = (CBDA x 0.877) + CBD 47.66% 47.66%

Below we’ve provided this particular product’s entire Cannabinoid Content and full Terpene Profile.

Cannabinoid Content

Test results indicate which cannabinoids are the most abundant in any given strain. While dozens of cannabinoids are found in a single strain, four cannabinoids in particular are used to calculate the Total THC and Total CBD of any cannabis product: ∆9THC, THCA, CBD and CBDA.  For every cannabinoid, there is a detection limit, known as a LOQ. In some instances, a particular cannabinoid content is so small, it’s below the detection limit. Cannabinoids with a <LOQ are not represented.

  • ∆9THC 16.11% 16.11%
  • CBD 44.71% 44.71%
  • CBDA 3.360% 3.360%
  • CBG 1.522% 1.522%
  • CBC 2.487% 2.487%