• TOTAL THC = (THCA x 0.877) + ∆9THC 66.43% 66.43%
Cannabinoid Content

Test results indicate which cannabinoids are the most abundant in any given strain. While dozens of cannabinoids are found in a single strain, four cannabinoids in particular are used to calculate the Total THC and Total CBD of any cannabis product: ∆9THC, THCA, CBD and CBDA.  For every cannabinoid, there is a detection limit, known as a LOQ. In some instances, a particular cannabinoid content is so small, it’s below the detection limit. Cannabinoids with a <LOQ are not represented.

  • THCA 68.92% 68.92%
  • ∆9THC 5.983% 5.983%
  • CBGA 3.629% 3.629%